"Ma'alot" Wool Tallit With Gray Black & Silver Stripes Mishkan Hatchelet™

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Tying: Ashkenazi (+0.00$) Sephardi Tal (+2.85$) Sephardi י"ה (+2.85$) Chabad (+2.85$) Yemeni (+10.00$)

Full Description

"Ma'alot" wool Tallit with grey black & silver stripes from Mishkan Hatchelet™ company

A fancy tallit in shades of light blue and silver stripes also in the atara and in the corners

The tallit is made from 100% wool with fine weaving and a perfect finish

Size adjustment by height:

size width inch length inch height inch
50 47 67 57-63
55 51 73 57-63
60 55 73 63-71
70 59 79 71-73

It is recommended to measure the old tallit before buying

Made In Israel

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*There may be slight variations in the color or in the size