From a small store in the heart of Jerusalem, on Mea Shearim Street, we grew into an internationally-known Judaica and souvenir shop, attracting tourists worldwide.

We are now the largest retail and wholesale as a one-stop shopping for all Judaica items.

We carry a wide range of Tallis and Tefillin bags, Talit and Tzitzit, Yarmulkas, Challah covers, Torah mantels (covers), Parochet, Bimah covers, Chuppah covers, and any other embroidered items.

Our silver inventory includes anything for Shabbat, Yamim Tovim, and Shul/Beit Knesset items.

We strive to make Judaica shopping easy, affordable, fast, and reliable. Our goal is customer satisfaction, while providing a unique, top-quality, and elegant selection of Judaica products.

Our state-of-the-art manufactory includes a professional staff of artists and skilled craftsmanship who constantly creatively come-up with innovative and attractive ideas. We also produce customized and pre-ordered embroidery, as we are equipped with the latest technology.

… Where excellence and perfection meet.

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21 Mea Shearim St.
9526217 Jerusalem, Israel


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Sun-Th 8:30 - 21:30

Fri 8:30 - 13:00