Talit and Tefilin bag Jerusalem- Silver 1021194

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Embroidery On the Talit: (1.00$ per letter. Max 25 letters)

Embroidery On the Tefilin: (1.00$ per letter. Max 25 letters)

Embroidery Direction: 1 line up (+0.00$) arc (+0.00$)

Embroidery Color: Gold (+0.00$) Silver (+0.00$) Orange (+0.00$) Turquoise (+0.00$) Navy Blue (+0.00$) Royal Blue (+0.00$) Blue light (+0.00$) Beige (+0.00$)

Embroidery Font:

Full Description

High quality European Velvet

Full and High quality embroidery

Fabric color: Black

 Embroidery color: Silver

Talit cover sizes

width: 35.5 cm

hight: 28 cm

 Tefilin cover sizes

 width: 23 cm

hight: 21.5 cm

  High quality and thick plastick cover

Washing instructions: Dry wash only