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Three minutes from Bereshis!!

A brand new patented Idea straight to the Shul / Bet Hakneset’s bima, the all new

 “Atzei Chaim- Klil”

For many years were the Stam Institutions in Eretz Yisrael and around the world work to figure out a way of saving the Torah scroll from getting ruined or scratched or saving time to the entire Shul / Bet Hakneset body from waiting for the rolling from one place of reading to the other.

After lots of effort, consulting Stam institutions and Gabaim of the Batei Kneset, the Klil company presents an incredible patented Idea named “ Atzei Chaim- Klil”, this lets the whole Torah scroll being rolled in less than three minutes from beginning to the very end, in a very efficient way, saving the ink from being scratched or the parchment from getting ruined.

The Sefer Torah lies on the Bima in such way that will not move while scrolling.

This patent approached Gedolei Yisrael who not only endorsed it but strongly recommended it to every new as well as especially older Sifrei Torah, saving them and remain in such condition that will not require restoring as many times is a major problem fixing correctly.

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Made in Israel