Gartel shaped circle buckle

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Color Gartel: Black (+0.00$) Dark Blue (+0.00$) Royal (+0.00$) Brown (+0.00$) Green (+0.00$) Violet (+0.00$) Burgundy (+0.00$) Gray (+0.00$) White (+7.14$) Cream (+7.14$)

Embroidery on the Gartel: (1.00$ per letter. Max 25 letters)

Embroidery Color: Gold (+0.00$) Silver (+0.00$) Cream (+0.00$)

Embroidery Font: Frnkril (+0.00$) Mantuva (+0.00$) Manuel (+0.00$) Graffiti (+0.00$) Times (+0.00$) Arial (+0.00$) Swiss (+0.00$)

Full Description

Gartel- like in every Sefer Torah there is a Gartel that closes and holdes the Klaf.

This Gartel is made out of a special European-German quality velvet. 

A wide range of color velvets and buckles for closing.

This Gartel is special with a shaped circle buckle that closes well and strong,

wich gives the Gartel a rich and distinguished look.

The Gartel comes in two sizes:

A Gartel for a Standard Sefer Torah:

Width: 18.50 Inch

Height: 1.96 Inch

Gartel for a Navi:

Width: 14.56 Inch

Height: 1.96 Inch 

You Can embroider a dedication name/Pasuk, wich enriches and empowers the look of the special Gartel.

This Product is consumed for each one that purchases a Sefer Torah!