Site's Policy

The Jerusalem Yarmulka Site Regulations

1. General

We thank you for visiting Jerusalem Yarmulke and invite you to purchase from our range of products.
Use of this site, including surfing and / or purchase and/or action of any kind, is subject to your full consent to the contents of these regulations.

For any questions related to these regulations, you may contact us by e-mail: or fax: +972-3-5435714.

Any surfer on the site and/or the performer and/or interested in performing an operation on the site (as defined below), declares and undertakes as follows:

  1. A. Is aware of these policies and agrees to its terms. Those who do not agree to the terms of the regulations, is not allowed to browse the site and not to make a purchase and / or action of any kind.
  2. B. This policy is used as a contract and / or terms of use of the site and in all matters related to the site, as well as the execution of transactions on the site (as defined below) between it and the management of the site (as defined below), and that he and / or anyone acting on his behalf will have no claim and / And / or indirectly, against the owners of the site and / or its operators and / or anyone acting on their behalf, for any act or omission, and any branching out thereof in any form, but only based on these regulations.
  3. C. Browsing the site and / or carrying out any action therein constitutes full and irrevocable consent to the terms of these regulations.
  4. D. The surfer on the site and the performer performing any action declares that he has the knowledge to browse and/or use and or to perform transactions on the site and waives any claim of lack of knowledge of the use of the site and the process of execution and completion thereof, As defined below.
  5. E. The titles in these regulations are not part of its terms. They are used for comfort and orientation only.

Terms of use are formulated, for convenience, in masculine terms, and refer to both men and women.

2. Terms, Definitions and Conditions:

Legal name "Jerusalem Yarmulka" Authorized dealer number 557767258
  1. A. This site is a virtual store of Jerusalem Yarmulke (hereinafter "Site"). The store may also be called "Jerusalem Yarmulke" / "Shop "and possibly even names and / or other aliases as implied in reasonable and logical context.
  2. B. "Surf" / "Surf "a- Anyone who enters the site, reads / reads the content appearing on it and / or performs any action on the site (as defined below).
  3. C. "Content", "Content", "Information" - the contents appearing on the Site including text, images, videos, audio clips, software, graphs, applications, designs, etc.
  4. D. "Customer" - a person who registered on the Site through the virtual registration form on the Site. A customer on the site may be any adult person who is authorized to make a purchase (as defined below) by law, or a corporation incorporated by law. A minor (under the age of 18) or a person who requires approval from any third party to perform a legal act, who registers on the site, declares and confirms that he has received the consent of his parents, guardians or a third party as aforesaid. A customer who makes an order (as defined below) shall hereinafter be referred to as an "invitee" and / or a "buyer" and / or a "purchaser" and / or any description that means a person who made an order (as defined below). The customer undertakes to register only real, correct and up-to-date information. Registration of false information is a criminal offense. The store reserves the right to take legal action against fraudulent details, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the site.
  5. E. "Private individuals" and their experience:
    1. 1) As part of the registration of the site and / or during the execution of the order, the customer will be required to register various personal details. The details will be stored in a "customer card" in the database on the site.
    2. 2) In fulfilling the details, as stated above, the Client waives any claim relating to the right to privacy protection under any law or law.
    3. 3) The management of the site undertakes to refrain from giving the customer's personal details to any party that is not directly connected to the store for the purpose of executing the order, collecting payment and carrying out the shipment (as defined below).
    4. 4) The store takes the usual precautionary measures in order to preserve, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site is made in an encrypted manner according to the standard, but in cases that are not under its control and / or deriving from force majeure, the store will not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, caused to the customer and / or anyone on his behalf if this information is lost or If it is used in an unauthorized manner.
    5. 5) Registration of the information, as stated above, constitutes an agreement to store them in the database of the site.
  6. F. "Agreement" - an agreement reached by the parties in any matter resulting from an order made on the Site, whether written or oral, including by means of a telephone conversation between the Client and the Store Representative, whether the telephone call was initiated by the store representative or at the initiative of the Client.
  7. G. "Product" - item (s) / goods of various types that can be ordered and / or purchased through the Site, including products (s) that are not physically found in the store at the time of placing the order. For the avoidance of doubt, the products sold by the shop are manufactured and supplied by various manufacturers and / or suppliers. The presentation of the products on the site does not express an opinion regarding them, their character or nature by the store.
  8. H. "Inventory" - products that are physically present in the store's inventory, as well as products temporarily out of stock in the store and displayed on the site (hereinafter: "missing product"), in order to enable the customer to order from a wide range of products in his area of interest. The store will make every effort to supply each product according to the timetables that appear during the order. If the store cannot obtain an ordered product, the store will not charge the customer for the missing product.
  9. I. "price":
    1. 1) The price of the product that is binding on the parties is the price stated in New Shekels. The dollar price is shown for general comparison only. However, an order made by a customer from abroad, from any country / country in the world, excluding Israel, will be paid in US dollars according to the price of the dollar product specified in the order.
    2. 2) For the avoidance of doubt, the "market price" relating to the product on the Site (hereinafter: "the Market Price") is usually the recommended retail price or the consumer price list for the producer. The "market price" shall not constitute any cause for any claim against the store, including a claim for a cheaper market price.
    3. 3) The binding price at the site as of the date of purchase (as defined below). The store reserves the right to change the prices of the products at any time, as it sees fit. The price of a purchased product will not increase after the purchase.
    4. 4) The price charged for the store is the one specified in the order form, provided that the form includes valid credit card details, which the purchaser is required to make a payment for the purchase in this store, according to any law, and the credit company did not refuse to honor the payment. If the customer did not complete the credit card details as stated, or the credit card company refused to honor the payment, the store will not charge the price. Ram also terms "means of payment" below.
    5. 5) The prices on the site include VAT, unless otherwise specified, VAT will not be refunded for ordering products to be shipped abroad or for any reason other than cancellation of the purchase (as defined below).
  10. J. "Action" - any purchase of the product (s) offered on the Site. The computer records of the site regarding the actions carried out therein will constitute conclusive evidence of their accuracy.
  11. K. "Invitation" - Ordering a product (s) from the list of products on the site that a customer has made through the site. The order is made by filling out forms on the computer, including a "cashier" form (as defined below), which includes selecting products, selecting means of delivery and means of payment. The customer did not complete the form of payment, but filled out all the other details and executed a "send order" order. The order in the database will be kept as a pending order and the bid will remain valid for up to 24 hours. After this period of time, the store reserves the right to change the prices and / or cancel the order.
  12. L. "Shopping Cart" means a virtual form that stores the products that the surfer chooses when surfing the site at different times, and which has not yet been ordered through the "Send Order" command (hereinafter referred to as "cart").áIn other words, any product that is not removed from the shopping cart is kept for at least one week. The right store does not delete any products from the customer's shopping cart. The customer can review the list of products in the shopping cart, at any time, by entering the site with the customer's name and worse or add products at will. The shopping cart is stored in the database even after the customer has left the site. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the parties are not obligated in any way to the products and prices in the shopping cart, but to the invitation only.
  13. M. "Cashier" means a virtual form that is accessible only to those registered on the Website. Access to the checkout is done from the shopping cart.áAt the checkout, the customer approves the product (s) and quantity.áIn addition, the customer selects the means of delivery, shipping address and means of payment, as well as a free note. If the customer records conditions and comments that contradict the terms of the regulations, the terms of the regulations exceed the conditions prescribed by the customer. The conditions of the regulations on the conditions prescribed by the customer. Hand.
  14. N. "Purchase"/"Purchase"/ "Transaction" means, together and / or separately, the purchase of the Products by the Customer, including shipping charges and any service specified in the Order. The customer executed a "send order" order (on the cash register form on the website), his action constitutes an unequivocal undertaking as follows:
    1. 1) To receive the product (s) he ordered and to pay for the price, including shipping charges and any other service / service he has chosen.
    2. 2) Consent to the terms of the articles of association, including with respect to a product that is missing in stock and with regard to the "shipment".
    3. 3) For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that an order appearing in the database table of orders constitutes proof that the customer has performed the "send order" and has committed to all the above and the following.
  15. O. "Means of payment" - A valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit companies operating in Israel lawfully, provided that the principal is entitled to pay with the same credit card for buying in this store, according to any law.
    1. 1) The customer will fill out the credit card details during the time of placing the order at the cashier or withdraw the details from his personal card at the cashier.
    2. 2) The customer has the option to fill out and send an order that does not include the credit card details and to send the details by fax or by telephone to the store representative. Details provided by fax or telephone will not be stored on the customer's personal card at the cash register, but the credit card details that the customer fills in the form on the site will be stored in the database under security conditions. An order that the credit card information was not filled out in the order form or a payment that was not approved by the credit card company is a "pending order".
    3. 3) The store makes an effort to keep the products in stock and to meet prices over time. But these may change by necessity. Therefore, a delay in delivery of payment details and / or confirmation of payment by the credit card company, beyond 24 hours from the date of sending the order, will release the store from its obligation with respect to the order, even if the order details are kept as an open order. Any obligation that applies to the Store in connection with the Order applies only to an order in which the payment method has been approved and approved by the Certification Authority authorized to honor the Payment Instrument.
    4. 4) Although the shop is not obligated to prices of products on hold, if there are changes between the date of registration of the order and its final approval - the store representative will attempt to contact the customer to approve the changes, but he is not obliged to do so.
    5. 5) The existence of a valid payment method and confirmation of payment collection by the credit card company constitutes a basic condition for making a purchase at the store.
    If the order is made and delivered to the customer, but the payment method is not honored, the customer must pay the store in cash within 24 hours, or return all the products in the order to the physical address, as detailed on the "About the store" page, and it is agreed in advance of 50 NIS per reservation. The store will be exempt from refunding the shipping charges to the customer, which will not be deducted from the aforementioned compensation rate.
  16. P. "Payment Currency" - Payment shall be made by means of one of the following two currencies: from the residents of Israel, the payment shall be in NIS. Foreign residents will be charged USD in accordance with the dollar price appearing on the site.
  17. Q. "Shipping":
    1. 1) The order will be sent to the customer only after payment has been made in full. Payment in installments approved by the credit card company will be considered as a full payment.
    2. 2) The order will be sent to the customer, according to the details of the address that he registered on the order form, if the customer did not register a different address or did not register any address, the order will be sent to the address listed on his client's website.
    3. 3) The shipment will be made in the form of the shipment chosen by the customer on the order form and subject to the quality and conditions of delivery accepted by the consignment.
    4. 4) If the delivery method chosen by the Procurer is not available, for any reason whatsoever, the actual shipment will be effected by an alternative means of transport chosen by the Store, at its sole discretion. The store shall be exempt from the need to prove that the means of transport chosen by the customer were not available at that time.
    5. 5) If the customer chooses to collect the order himself or by an authorized person, the customer will collect the order at the physical store of the site, after coordinating the time of arrival at the physical store with the customer service representative in the store.
  18. R. "Postage" - the monetary amount stated in the order form, for the delivery of the order to the customer, the delivery route chosen by the customer on the order form, or as agreed between the customer and the store at the stage following the order. Shipping charges are part of the order and subject to the following delivery conditions.

3. Supply / Inventory:

  1. 1) The product will be sent to the customer by the store, or by the supplier with whom the store is affiliated, according to the order of the store.
  2. 2) The store reserves the right to split the delivery of the order, if it has more than one product, and to supply the order in various shipments, provided that the shipping cost that appears in the order is preserved.
  3. 3)The store may, for any reason whatsoever, provide the customer with the order, in whole or in part, close to the date of the order, the store reserves the right to cancel the order and / or split the order, if there is more than one product , And to deliver the missing product (s) at a later date within the time period for the delivery in the order, or to subtract the missing product (s) and deduct the cost from the total amount of the original order. Insofar as this will have an impact, which is not relative, on the shipping fees, the store will come to the customer in advance in order to receive his orders, in light of the change in the order.
  4. 4) The store will make every effort to supply the shipment at the time listed beside the form / means of shipment. However, a delay of up to 21 days in the arrival of the shipment to the Client, for any reason, shall not constitute grounds for canceling the order by the Procurer.
  5. 5) The date of supply of the products specified in the order page is on work days counted from the date of receipt of payment confirmation from the customer's credit card company (Sundays to Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, holidays and holidays).
  6. 6) In areas that are restricted from a security point of view, the store and / or the suppliers will be entitled to place the products to customers instead of near acceptable ones, which will be coordinated with them in advance.
  7. 7) The store will not be responsible for any delay or delay in supply and / or non-supply due to force majeure and / or events not under the control of the store and / or the suppliers, including strikes, strikes, etc.

4. Delivery time to customer:

  1. 1) The product will be packed for shipping within 3 business days from the day the order was placed.
  2. 2) If the product is out of stock, Jerusalem Yarmulke commits to update the customer in the following options: receiving a similar product / waiting for new inventory / refund.
  3. 3) Shipping charges are displayed when placing the order on the site.
  4. 4) Delivery time to customer will be according to the shipping cost according to the following details:

For a shipping charge of up to $ 5, the order will be sent by regular mail by the Israel Postal Company, with an estimated delivery time of up to two months from the mailing date.

For shipping charges over $ 5, the order will be sent by Israel Post Eco mail. Estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days from the date of delivery.

Jerusalem Yarmulke is commits to send fast delivery between 48 hours and 6 business days only after an update from the customer regarding the request for a quick shipment and updating the customer regarding the cost of the shipment, and only after full payment has been made for the shipping charges according to the store.

5. Responsibility

  1. A. Responsibility for shipments
    1. A. Responsibility for shipments
      1. 1) The customer is given full access to the products he ordered and purchased - in the physical store, according to the details published on the "About Us" page. For this purpose, the customer must choose the form of the shipment: "self-collection from the store".
      2. 2) In case the customer selects the form of shipping via an external party (eg, the Postal Authority), (hereinafter: "the carrier"), the customer assumes full and sole responsibility for all responsibility related to the order (hereinafter: "the shipment") from the moment the store delivered the shipment to the carrier. Selecting the form of delivery by the customer, as shown in the booking database of the website, constitutes proof that the customer has agreed to the conditions customary with the carrier, read the terms and conditions customary by the carrier.
      3. 3) Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, if the shipment is lost, the store will cooperate with the customer in order to require the carrier to pay the customer the maximum possible compensation in accordance with his liability as aforesaid. If the compensation is paid to the store, the store will transfer the compensation amount to the customer by means of a check sent by registered mail to the client's address on the customer's card on the site.
      4. 4) A lost delivery shall be deemed not to have reached its destination by the carrier within the time specified in the carrier's terms / conditions for lost cargo. If the leading regulations do not relate to the period of time to a lost consignment, the delivery will be considered lost within 21 days of the date on which the shipment was supposed to reach the customer.
    2. B. General Responsibility for the Product:
      1. 1) The store is not responsible for the quality of the products, directly or indirectly. If the need to repair or replace the product is found, it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the product back and the shop will have to repair or replace it with the supplier.
      2. 2) The store will not be responsible for assembling and / or installing products purchased on the site. This responsibility will apply only to the purchaser and at his own expense. In addition, the purchaser will be solely responsible for the maintenance and service required for the purchased product.
      3. 3) The store will be responsible for the product, provided that the product is used correctly and reasonably according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. 2) If the product is out of stock, Jerusalem Yarmulke commits to update the customer in the following options: receiving a similar product / waiting for new inventory / refund.
  3. 3) Shipping charges are displayed when placing the order on the site.
  4. 4) Delivery time to customer will be according to the shipping cost according to the following details:

Disclaimer of warranty, in the following cases, the warranty will not apply:

- The defect is caused as a result of treatment by another factor, except for a defect caused by our authorized representative.

- Defects due to reasonable wear and tear and not due to manufacturing defect.

- The defect results from color differences due to the natural properties of the leather / velvet. (Fading of the color of the fabrics or sold covers)

- The defect is caused by: force majeure, water, fire, sabotage, fracture or intentional or unintentional damage to the product, negligence of the consumer, etc.

- Supply of a new product or new replaced product, subject to the provisions of the Sale Law, the customer must check the product upon receipt and report any defects in the product. The product will be repaired or replaced, in whole or in part, in a product or part of similar condition and age.

- In case the product is no longer marketed, the product will be replaced by a similar product, which will not be less than the purchased product.

- The Company has the right to choose between fixing a defect and replacing it, at the sole discretion of the Company. In case no exchange is possible, the period of use of the product shall be taken into account until it is damaged or the defect is discovered for the purpose of a refund. In any case of product repair, the Company undertakes to restore it to its condition prior to failure

6. Customer Service

The store operates customer service. The customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with any question related to the purchase process and any other subject in order to make the purchase experience easier and to make it simple and fast.

7. Protect customer privacy

Jerusalem Yarmulka undertakes to maintain the full privacy of the customer and not to transfer any information or means of identification to a third party including: name, telephone, email address, residential address, credit card, etc. Except for the information that must be transferred to the shipping company In order to carry out the shipment, Jerusalem Yarmulka is not responsible for maintaining the privacy of the customer at the shipping supplier.

8. Cancellations

  1. A. The customer is entitled to cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"), except for the purchase of certain items specified in section 14C (d) of the Consumer Protection Law.
  2. B. If a customer wants to cancel a transaction before his credit card has been charged, he can do so by fax, phone or email cancellation, without charge.
  3. C. If a customer wishes to cancel his order after his credit card has been charged and before shipping the product, he may do so by fax or by email to customer service. In this case, his money will be returned to him through the credit card company, after deducting the agreed handling fee of 50 NIS.
  4. D. If the customer wishes to cancel the order after the product has been sent to him, and before opening the product package, he can do so by fax or by email to customer service within 14 days of receiving the product. In this case, the customer will send the product on his own to the store, at the address on the "About Us" page. In this case, the customer will be refunded through the credit card company or by check of the store, at the store's choice, offset by a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction price, but not more than 100 NIS. If the returned product is damaged, the store may claim and receive the damage fees from the customer, in addition to the cancellation fees and the above shipping fees. For this purpose, returning a valid product when its original packaging is missing or torn, will be considered damage to the product at an agreed rate of 15% of the price of the product. A product cannot be returned after it has been assembled, except with the prior approval of the store.
  5. E. If the customer received a defective product, or when the product specification differs from the specifications published on the site, the customer may cancel the transaction within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, by notice of cancellation, as stated, detailing the reason for the cancellation, all in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 - 1981. If the cancellation is indeed justified by the reasons above, the store will collect the product from the address to which the order was sent, and will credit the customer with the full amount of the transaction, for that product, through the credit card company or by check of the store of its choice It is hereby agreed that the images on the site are for illustration only and will not serve as grounds for claiming that the product sent to the customer is incompatible the product in the picture.

9. Intellectual Property

  1. A. All intellectual property rights on the Site, including patents, copyrights, designs, methods, graphic design, database, product description, product images, product reviews, presentation and presentation of the products, trade secrets, Images, texts, computer code of the Site, and the editing and presentation of these, and any other details relating to its operation (hereinafter: the "Intellectual Property") are the property of Jerusalem Yarmulka only.
  2. B. The data published on the site and / or the intellectual property of the site may not be used, nor copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed or translated, without the express permission of the owner of the intellectual property rights.
  3. C. Do not use any data published on the site for presentation on any other website or service, without obtaining the prior written consent of the store. If consent is given, this shall be done subject to the terms of that consent. This includes the prohibition of collecting data from the site through software and / or disseminating such data in public, or commercially, including price comparison services, product reviews, and so on.
  4. D. The site should not be displayed in a visible or covert frame and should not be linked to its internal pages, but to the homepage only.
  5. E. The name Jerusalem Yarmulke, the marks and trademarks therein, whether registered or not, are all the property of the Store and may not be used without prior written consent.

10. Additional conditions

  1. A. The shop and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be responsible for and will not bear any direct, indirect, special or special damage caused to the customer and / or to a third party as a result of an order / purchase will not be accepted in the system and / or any technical and / The purchase on the Site and / or the use or purchase of the Site, other than pursuant to these Articles, shall be the cause of action, including loss of income and / or prevention of profit caused for any reason. Upon the occurrence of any of the above, the Store reserves the right to cancel the purchase by written notice to the Purchaser.
  2. B. The store reserves the right to cancel an order and / or close the site and cancel the orders made, at its discretion, inter alia due to illegal activity on the site, whether by the customer or by another party.
  3. C. Without derogating from the above, if factors and / or events that are not under the control of the site owners and / or its operators will delay, in any way, and / or prevent the sale of the products on the site, in whole or in part, And / or if malfunctions in the computer system and / or the telephone systems and / or any other communications entity are caused by the completion of the acquisition process and / or whether due to hostile actions and / or strike and / or downtime and / or mobilization of reserves in a special scope and / or any other factor which is a higher power that will prevent and / or harm the process of purchasing products and / or supply of products and / or if there are changes tax rates and / or charges applicable to products from over Until the publication of the product for sale and the planned delivery date according to the terms of purchase, the store is entitled to cancel the order and therefore will not collect the payment for the store order. And this respect was collect Payment before shipping out the order to the customer, the customer shall return the money shop.
  4. E. If there is a mistake in the description of the product, its price, the terms of payment, the store will not be required. The product images on the site are intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site, some or all of them, and the products actually sold.
  5. F. The store does not guarantee that the links on the site will work. The store reserves the right to change these regulations from time to time.
  6. G. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any action and / or dispute arising therefrom, including any matter relating to the use of the Site and / or the making of a purchase and / or any action, to any person who deviates from it (hereinafter: "the Dispute") will be done in accordance with the laws of the State Israel, and if necessary the dispute will be resolved in the competent court in Jerusalem only.